My new reality, BLOGDOM

Sooo.... it has come to pass, I am starting a blog.... I have been pushed and prodded and finally inspired, to share my work.
Having no talent for the art of the written word, I am hoping my images will speak for themselves.
What I love is to photograph, what I hope is that you enjoy viewing the world through my eyes as I take you along on my journey.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Carter and Bryan's Wedding

A beautiful wedding at Middleton Place in Charleston, South Carolina.
Thank you Allison LaRocca Jackson of Pineapple Productions for your creative flare and expert planning skills to make this such a beautiful event. And a shout out to the talented Kate Headley for agreeing to come along as my second shooter. Congratulations to Bryan and Carter Hamontree!

Thank you for publishing this gorgeous wedding.

Wedding slideshow

Middleton Place Wedding Couple